Beef Sales FAQ

What's so special about our beef?

Simple: happy and healthy cows make the best beef! All of our animals enjoy a low stress, natural life style, right up until the day they leave for the butcher.  

Our  herd is rotationally grazed on high diversity natural pastural, resulting in a rich flavor profile, highly nutritious beef and lower in satuated fat then conventional feed lot beef.   Finally, beef just plain tastes better when it's ; every bite is so full of nutrients, you could almost call it health food; every pound is sourced from cows that  were treated with dignity, and allowed to lead natural, healthy lives;  and due to our regenerative ranching practices our beef has a tiny (soon to be negative) carbon footprint.

How do I order?

Butch pick up in Hood River only

Weekly pick ups in The Dalles, Hood River and Portland Or.