Beef Sales FAQ

What's so special about our beef?

Simple: happy and healthy cows make the best beef! All of our animals enjoy a low stress, natural life style, right up until the day they become your next cheeseburger. We employ low impact handling methods, so you don't get the harsh adrenaline flavor you can get in factory meat. Our animals are rotationally grazed on high diversity natural forage, and are given free choice minerals, which means the beef they produce is chalk full of vitamins and minerals, resulting in a rich flavor profile, that monocrop feedlots just cant reproduce. Finally, beef just plain tastes better when it's guilt free; every bite is so full of nutrients, you could almost call it health food; every pound is sourced from cows that  were treated with dignity, and allowed to lead natural, healthy lives;  and due to our regenerative ranching practices our beef has a tiny (soon to be negative) carbon footprint.

How do I order?

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